Tango and Carmen

T & C 2

Tango and Carmen were our first children. They were different in age by 6 months. We got them as puppies, Tango first and then Carmen 6 months later, when each was just 7 weeks old. Over almost a decade and a half, all four of us (my wife, Tango, Carmen, and I) lived in southern California, northern California, and finally in New England with many adventures throughout so you can just think of how close we were. (Oh, and somewhere along the way our two human children were born as well.)

Being quintessential Golden Retrievers, Tango and Carmen were the best companions and family members anyone could ever ask for. Never judgmental; always so overjoyed to see you – whether gone for 15 minutes to the corner store or gone on a longer business trip; full of love, life, mirth, and energy; and just the sweetest, fluffiest, warmest, and cuddliest bundles of happiness you can imagine. They gave us so much.

They both lived long and good lives for their breed. As in the way they entered our lives – separately over a period of time – they crossed over the rainbow bridge over two summers, Tango first one summer and then Carmen the next summer. It was the saddest two summers we can remember. However, the one thing we could do for them (and for us) was to let them go from our home instead of some unfamiliar and possibly scary place to them. Doctor Schoenberg was willing to come to our home on short notice and help us during an incredibly difficult time. Both Tango and Carmen’s last moments in this life with us were spent lying down peacefully in one of their favorite places in our backyard, surrounded by the humans that loved them, and that’s where and how we let them go – on our terms. Doctor Schoenberg was the one who made this possible and helped bring closure for us, as well as letting Tango and Carmen go with dignity from surroundings they loved. We can’t even think of what the alternative would have been – something we were dreadfully faced with before being able to connect with Doctor Schoenberg.

Due to how we let Tango and Carmen pass, all our memories of them to the very last moment are fond and peaceful. We have no doubt we will see Tango and Carmen again someday, which helps us live good lives. (We don’t want to go to some place where we can’t see them because we know where they are now, waiting for us.)