We lost our sweet, silly, crazy, dearly beloved Jack Russell terrier, Maggie, on August 15, 2018. She was 19 years old.  Although our hearts are broken, we are grateful for so many things: We had been working with Becky to manage Maggie’s arthritis and other age-related issues for nearly a year before she died, so we had a plan in place for what we wanted when the time came to say goodbye to her. She had a good last day at home, with treats, yard walks, and visits from friends. We had the whole day to say goodbye to her. It was beyond comforting to have Becky there to help our little girl pass peacefully, with us by her side.

We got Maggie when she was 3 months old. She was a typical Jack Russell terrier in her puppyhood: smart, willful, and overflowing with energy. Although she wasn’t always a fan of other dogs, she made many canine friends in the neighborhood over the years (and even a feline one), and had TONS of human admirers. She was beloved by her dog walkers, her vets, our family and friends, and most especially by us. It seems impossible that she’s gone. Her joie de vivre, even in her senior years when her sight, hearing, and mobility declined, seemed to imply (as Becky said) that she’d outlive us all. It’s hard to be without her. I know she’ll never leave my heart, but I miss her physical presence every day. There will never be another quite like her. Run over the bridge like the crazy 3-month-old puppy you were when we first got you, Maggie. We love you so much, always.



Today we remember and celebrate Kya, a sweet, beautiful girl, with these lovely words written by her family.


Kya – August 14, 2018

A Siberian husky with eyes of blue

In our family she was the heart.

And on that sunny summer afternoon

From our family she did depart.


A coat of black, gray and white she had

The prettiest face, like no other.

To me she answered to “Come see Mom”

And to Tom it was “Come see Dad.”


The daily walks @6am she would take

Her and Dad alone together.

All around the neighborhood they went

No matter what the weather.


A well-behaved girl that she was

Who brought smiles, laughter and love.

Blessed were we to have her with us

Now she watches over us from above.


The time had come for her to leave

Her presence we will miss as we grieve.

The time will come again in a while

When we remember her with a smile.


Kya – Our Pet, Our Friend, Our “Little Girl”


Today AC&C remembers and celebrates Gizmo, a sweet and handsome little man who graced his family with his loving presence for many years.  He will be remembered with love and joy, and he will be greatly missed.



IMG_0580Garp was a character. He enjoyed being around people, even running to meet them at the front door, but he was also very particular about the way people should do things. This included everything from how exactly to pet him, when to feed him, when to let him in/out of the house, please never to pick him up, and so on. He would let you know in no uncertain terms if you were not living up to his standards!




IMG_0317 (1)

We enjoyed walking down the street together in the early morning to visit the community garden. Garp loved showing off, and would turn around to be sure you’d been watching after he’d done something particularly awesome (scampering up trees was one of his favorites).

He was fiercely proud and yet a sweet and affectionate love-bug too. I will always be grateful for the many years I shared with this sweet boy




Longfellow was an amazingly, sensual, spirited, fun loving, sweet dog, probably spoiled—often told that he was an alpha dog.  He was like the neighborhood mayor—loved his walks, knew all the smells and moved fast, with a swagger, sometimes just with me, often with a neighborhood pal.  I am comforted knowing that Longfellow had a wonderful life—lots of fun and love and security—hamburg, chicken and liver treats—and ice-cream. I often  wished all children could feel as cherished and well-cared for as LF.    He was a lucky guy, but his gifts to me (and Adam) were  far greater than anything we could give to him.



Silly Wizard

They hold our histories

Live only to love & be loved.Wizard
Each fills space in your heart
Creating a place for another
The too quiet house echoes remembrance
Silence ebbs, recedes, displaced by life
Stories shared, brief moments in time
Love will be heard through sadness
Promise grows and flows into light
“A feeling once had is never lost.”


Molli came into our lives 17 years ago brought to us from a dear friend.  As soon as Molli walked out of her carrier she knew right away that this was her forever home. She always walked around with her beautiful tail straight up in the air with that curious question mark at the end ready for her next adventure.  She was not a lap cat but always used your hip like a pillow. Whatever room we were in she would grace us with her presence.  She was a seasoned mouser and whenever a fly got into the house it was doomed right from the start.  She absolutely loved to help me “make theIMAG1878-1-1-1 bed”! She loved playing hide and seek! We have so many loving memories. I could go on and on but…

It was in August 2016 that Dr. Becky came into our lives. We knew we did not want to put Molls through surgery and chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. With Dr. Becky’s kind and supportive care we were able to give Molli quality of life through the end. Dr. Becky always helped us feel comfortable with our decision to provide palliative care and would prepare us to make that heart- wrenching decision when the time came.  So on January 20, 2017 Dr. Becky was there for us. She explained to us what to expect to help Molli have a peaceful crossing. From beginning to end Dr. Becky was there for us.



Buddy, our handsome Golden boy, was well known in our town. For twelve years, daily wadsc_0174lks took him and his Golden “sister” Kara through the town square with stops at the library, church, banks, real estate office, coffee shop, and ice cream shop to say Hi to friends. He marched in Little League parades and performed in the dog show at the local summer festival. He especially loved running on the beach, chasing seagulls. He was really fast, even as he got older. People would just stop and watch him. His speed was impressive. Everyone loved Buddy and he loved everyone! And he so loved his family. He knew each of us by name and was always happy and excited to see us…even if we just went to check the mailbox. He really was loyal and faithful, true to his name.


At age 12½, Buddy suddenly fell ill. It came on quickly. We were devastated. Although Buddy was always happy to go anywhere, the vet’s office was not his favorite place. He would park his 65 pound body on my lap and give me that “please protect me” look with his big brown eyes. We always knew that if the time came that we had to make an end-of-life decision for Buddy, we wanted his last moments to be at home surrounded by the family that loved him. And then that day came. Although saying goodbye to Buddy was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do, Dr. Schoenberg made it the best experience it could possibly be for both Buddy and for us. That means a lot.


Since Buddy’s passing, many people have told us how he touched their lives or made them smile. Many people have cried with us and for us at the loss of such a special member of our family. His passing was mentioned in the local newspaper. Losing Buddy was hard beyond words, but knowing that we did the right thing for our precious boy by having Dr. Schoenberg come to our home so he could pass in a place that he loved surrounded by those who loved him gives us comfort. And we know he’s chasing seagulls…still the fastest dog on the beach.