Remembering Madi

Oh, Madi.

The gifted Dr. Becky helped us say goodbye to this incredibly sweet 16-year-old girl, putting her to sleep in the most peaceful way imaginable here at home.As my partner Joaquim always said, Madi was so respectful and polite. She checked all the cat boxes – she was a fierce huntress, a carnivore who came running at the sound of Jo sharpening his Chef’s knives in hopes that he’d share some meat, which he always did. She was a lap cat when it suited her, a foot-warmer and extra floofy pillow on our bed in the fall, winter and spring. She took over our new apartment as fully her territory, finally putting her rival Toby (our blind cat) in his place, and had probably the most contented year of her life this year until illness started to rob her of her spirit. She was the loudest cat I can remember having, always speaking to us with her “prowrs,” a raspy mix of purr and meow that resounded through the house. She liked to meow at every single pat and rub, and we were constantly petting her, so that was a lot of “prowrs”! She was only with us for the last 5 years of her life but I know with every fiber of my being that she was transformed by that time, and so, so happy with us. She thanked us every day for our love by reflecting it back to us a hundred times over. We will miss her forever. Goodbye Miss Madi, Madi Girl, Madi Love, Miss Madi from Cincinnati (our 4 year old and my mom’s recent nickname for her).