Our decision to put our beloved thirteen year old black lab “Henry” to sleep was very difficult for everyone in our family.  “Henry” had touched all of our lives and all of our hearts and was a pHenryresence in our home.  For Henry’s sake, the decision had to be made and we sought out a provider who would help us make sure that Henry’s passing was done in a way that eliminated the stress of a trip to the vet’s office.  Our decision to allow Henry to pass in an environment he loved was a no brainer.  A few months have passed since Henry’s passing and it has been difficult getting used to life without Henry.  His absence in our home and in our individual and collective lives cannot be described.  Our continued grief is only manageable because of the genuine compassion and kind words of Dr. Becky Schoenberg and in knowing that, thanks to Dr. Schoenberg, Henry’s last moments were spent in a place that he loved, with people that he loved, and with people who loved him until the end of his life and beyond.  Our grief has not allowed us to think of rescuing another dog yet, but if/when we do and it is time for that pet to make his trip to rainbow bridge, I wouldn’t want anyone else there with us other than Dr. Schoenberg.  Bringing Dr. Schoenberg in to our lives and in to our home was perhaps one of the kindest things we’ve ever done for our Henry.