National Pet Memorial Day

Today is National Pet Memorial Day – a day for celebrating and remembering all of the special animals who have made our lives better with their presence. AC&C is hosting an online memorial today; we invite everyone to comment here andpercy share memories, pictures, and stories here in honor of our beloved pets.

I have been lucky enough to share my life with so many amazing and beloved pets, but most of all today I want to celebrate Percival. My best friend, constant companion, study buddy all through vet school, and the cat who taught my current kittens how to be cats. He crossed half the country with me, slept on my pillow every night for over a decade, and his presence is still felt in my life every day.

Thank you, Percy, for so many years of love. I still love you, I miss you, and you made my life better with your presence.

One thought on “National Pet Memorial Day

  • September 11, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    Today I want to remember Molly Hale-Bopp, our wonderful dog. Sweet and gentle and affectionate; she could read our emotions and be there with a gentle lean when we were sad, or a happy dance when we were. I also think she worried that we were insane; she would give us these looks sometimes. She had been neglected and (and we suspect abused) so it was a wonderful gift that she trusted and loved us. She set our gold standard for dogs.

    We still love and miss you, Molly. But we’re fine, don’t worry.

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