Bucket Lists

When coming to terms with a terminally ill pet, the idea of ‘bucket lists’ has started becoming popular – come up with a list of favorite things that you and your pet would want to do together, and make sure that you can do as many as possible in the time left.  This can be a beautiful way to create memories together, focus on the positive aspects of the time you’re sharing, and make your pet’s life as happy as possible.

A big challenge, though, is coming up with the list in the first place.  Sometimes people feel overwhelmed, or like they’re being silly, or they can’t see through the current challenges to think of what might be a source of happiness for them and their beloved pet.   So when a dear client started telling me about the bucket list they had put together with their cat, I was delighted to hear about it.  And with their permission, I wanted to share it here with you as an example of how we can make our pets’ final days special.  It’s a beautiful snapshot of shared love, making memories, and – if you’re struggling with how to make a similar list for your own pets – an excellent jumping-off point and source of inspiration for your own pet bucket list.

Mr. Brutus’s Bucket List   Mr B

1 try all flavors of temptations
2 treat taste test
3 lick wipped cream
4. Try rotisserie chicken
5 drink from water fountains when they are super cold and fresh and have ice in them
6 . open the window and enjoy fresh air
7  smother mom in kisses
8 scratch my favorite post
9 Have mom rename my scratchy lounge as “B’s throne”
10 scream in high places
11 scream about food
12  help unpack chewy order
13 enjoy new bag and box
14 break into the treat container
15 have a 5th adoption day party & birthday party
16 convince mom I need an extra can of fancy feast
17 lick the other kitties I live with
18 make a paw print with out making it too easy for mom
19 scream at Aunty D.
20 scream at Dr Becky
21 post pictures with my hashtag  #grumpBcat and get lots of likes on face book
22 take a cute pic for mom
23 get Dr Becky to write a prescription for extra  b belly rubs  both straight and circles
24 cuddle with mom
25  eat dry food fresh out of bag
26 eat from both of my other kitty housemate’s dishes